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Private Label Program

Build your Brand Recognition, Reputation and Business Skills

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Our line of strong, high quality and reliable cleaning products are available for private labeling!

Our Private Label Program begins first by "Us" partnering with you. Our design team works with you to develop your product's customized label or hot stamp. Our Private Label Program has been developed to allow our clients to WOW their buyers with the highest quality products representing their own brand!

About our Product Labels or Hot Stamps

We work with you to create customized labels for your products. Many products are outfited with a label that may display your company's identity, logo, brand name, contact information, specific product name, product number and specifications. Some of our products may be branded through a hot stamp, such as urinal screen. This is an impression of your logo.

The Benefits of Private Label
  • Your private labeled products put you in control of your marketing efforts and price strategies.
  • Your success builds a brand recognition that can expand into other product and market areas.
  • Your private labeled products put your company, brand name and phone number in front of the client with every use.
  • Your products advertise for you, reminding and encouraging clients to call you with aftermarket and re-orders.
  • As part of the private label package, we also work with you to specially design a product sell sheet that includes your company name, logo, product image and more!

How to Get Started

We work with you to develop labels and marketing materials that are consistent with the look of your current brand. Our design team works will gather your color preferences, logo and contact information and provides you with proofs of what your labels and materials will look like.

Contact us to learn how to get started and about equipment and graphic detail minimums.
Contact the Private Label Program Coordinator


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