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Over 20 years of experience in the Janitorial-sanitation Industry

The Ultimate Experience in Janitorial Cleaning and Odor Control Products!

Ultimate Solutions is your source for a complete range of janitorial cleaning and odor control chemicals and supplies. We have over 20 years of combined experience in blending, marketing and selling odor control and cleaning supplies to the Jan-San Industry.

Our product line continues to grow with odor-control sprays, liquid hand cleaners, para-based and non-para products. We believe that client excellence, premier quality and dynamic value are the key ingredients to our distributors’ ultimate success.

Ultimate Solutions – Our Family of companies

It’s with great excitement and promise that we gratefully announce the consolidation of our current family of brands, now aligned, re-born and re-branded as Ultimate Solutions or “Us”! We are now your worldwide vertically-integrated “nurturing companion” dedicated to empowering, transforming and liberating your cleaning world at work. Ultimate Solutions is currently celebrating our Championship Team’s unmatched ability to “surprise and delight” you locally, while sourcing globally from our own worldwide factories.

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With sales reps and distributors throughout the country, we aim to provide excellent service to our clients. Use the links below to help us connect you with a sales rep or distributor in your area.

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